Sunday, 7 October 2012

35L Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 7 Oct

Rustic Shower
Each time it rains the water will be saved in the huge barrel, ready to be used for washing. The shower has great male and female shower animations, water particles and prop with soap. You may try the DEMO in my shop.
Love Spells Cauldron
Cauldron Love Incantations with Voodoo Doll. Stirring animation and real boiling potion effects & sound. Props : Stirring Stick and Voodoo Doll.
Try it HERE.
Spooky Tree with Owl
Great Halloween Decoration! Beautiful scary tree with wild dark plants around it. Comes with a singing Owl with 5 different sounds, that are played randomly. Visit it HERE.

You may buy these items at 35L for the next 24 hours or you may find them even afterwards in my SL Market Shop.
I wish you a great Sunday!

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