Sunday, 14 October 2012

35L Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 14 Oct

Autumn Waterfall
Waterfall for two friends. I asked one of my best sl friend to join me here. We relaxed together, splashed the water with our legs, then we read a book and enjoyed the soft waterfall sound. I have this wonderful item at special sale today. Try it HERE. Buy it in the VENDOR area.
Wash Stand
A must have object in any role play home. Great textures and animated water. Washing hands animation with real washing hands sound. Try it HERE. Buy it from the Vendor Area.
White Bookshelf
Nice Bookshelf with many old books. With a simple click, you may open/close the down doors, and you may store there any item you like. Find it in the DEMO area, buy it in the VENDOR area.
Sideboard & Mirror
A place where you may keep all your sheets, covers and pillows. Click on the doors to open/close them. Have a look at it HERE and buy it at just 35L today in my VENDOR area.
All these nice products will be at 35L for the next 24 hours. Visit my store and choose the ones that you like. You may find them from tomorrow in my SL Market Shop at their normal price.

Have a great Sunday,

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