Sunday, 21 October 2012

35L Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 21 Oct

MARKET STALL - partially Mesh

Sell your veggies without being stressed about how many prims you use. All the fruit and vegetable crates you see here, are running with a temporary rez object menu. With a simple touch you may choose what you wanna have rezed.
The stall has just 5 prims and is partially mesh.
Has great market seller animation that may convince anybody to buy your vegetables. The animation menu has two options: male seller or female seller. Gives props on touch to anybody. Try this product in the Demo Area. Buy it at just 35L just today from my Vendor Area.


Find out what a bored chore may do with her veggies. Try it in my Demo Area. Buy it from the Vendor Area.
You may get these items at the price of just 35L for the next 24 hours from my inworld shop, or you may get them from my SL Market Shop at their normal price.

I wish you a great Sunday!

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