Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Black Egg Hunt

T H E   B L A C K   E G G : A Quality Hunt
"For the Phoenix, when its time comes to die, lays two eggs, one Black, one White."
"From the White Egg hatches the Phoenix bird itself."
"But what hatches from the Black Egg, no one knows."
[Neil Gaiman,"Ramadan"]

What's the BLACK   EGG  Hunt?
It's a new concept: a hunt, traditional in its form, with hints and hidden items, where the focus is on quality rather than quantity.
Hunt prizes will be of a quality level normally associated with full-price store items, and sold at 30L each, when found.
In all partecipating stores, Hunters will get a hint, with the hunt prize picture for that store, and the landmark to the next store.
Thus,  they will have to visit each store at least once, as in a traditional hunt, to get the next landmark, but will have control on what prizes they prefer to hunt for.
It's a great chance for fun, and for Creators to promote items that will, after the hunt, be sold normally at full price in their stores.
The B L A CK  E G G Hunt will be running from 01 April to 08 April.

1. Trident
Hint: "Fireflies will light the way to the Black Egg"

2. Trident Jewelry
Hint: "The Sun God guards the Black Egg"

3. Damned
Hint: That Sedisa is a pretty chubby chick

4. Curvalicious
Hint: Plump it up? oh hell yeah!!

5. Whatz
Hint: I am NOT putting my hands there.

6. EK Studio Project
Hint: Looks comfy here.

7. Forbidden Delights
Hint: Wof! Wof!

8. Bina
Hint: "If you want this hot get-up, you have to look straight up!"

9. Junbug
Hint: If you were a cheeky rabbit where would you hide?

10. The Forge
Hint: The granite Knight guards your prize.

11. Luas 
Hint: Look for a slave who usually serves paga. She wears a chest box on her arm to collect the money.

12. Lilith's den
Hint: Reciepe:
1 spoon  Aloe
2 cups Salt
crushed Eggshells of 1 black egg
1 liter Urine

13. Soul Effects
Hint: Tick Tock - Tick Tock, - There are Three of me and near one of me you will find your prize!

14. Favourite Genes
It seems Sam has been playing with the birds again... or at least the eggs!

15. BearCub
Hint:I cracked open near the branding station :o (for men)
Hint:I blossomed after long hours of study.  (for women)

16. Roawenwood 
Hint:  I don't believe in hints, the item is on the island you land on so you should be able to find it without too many issues ;)

17. Sweet Poison
Hint:They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but sometimes you just gotta break down and make a visit.

18. The Strawberry Box
Hint: use the main hint giver near the hunt boards

19. Cynful Design
Hint:  Lazy days on the back porch give a great view of the rolling hills.
20. Voltai
Hint: Look for the black egg, near the keg.

21. Raven's Heart
Hint: Did the Black bunny lay the black egg?

22. Fabled
Hint:  I am not far from this very door, go to the kitchen and look on the floor. When you get warm and when you smell cake, you will find me soon, make no mistake!

23. Zibber's designs
Hint: Keep your grappling paws off me!

24. Glamorous Sin
Hint: 4 for for for browns and one for blacks..they are hidden somewhere upstairs.

25. Amulet
Hint: maybe ya fell out of a nest?

26. United Inshcon
Hint: search the Pot Bellied Pig in the Mud

27. Seawinds
Hint: "oh what an egghead I am..." she said and did hold her true face in both hands.

28. Libby's place
Hint: It's what everyone believes is the cure all for what ailes Grandmother made it the best...

29. Riverdog and Sciarri's Trading Company
Hint: To the North of Katmandu You'll find me on Level 2,
Seek out the silent woman then turn your back on her,
Take 3 steps and check your laces,
Then open your eyes to claim your prize !

30. Kamala Animations
Hint: Find the middle,
have a fiddle,
take a ride,
to where I hide,
then go to bed,
oh sleepy head!

31. Tharyn Design
Hint: All around me I see a pond, a rabbit, and swans. It's beautiful here ... here you can relax.

32. Torvis Gorean Weapons
Hint: Look at the dock...

33. Timeless Textures
Hint: Every palace should be a wonderful blend of solid foundations of WOOD and STONE and gleaming, SHINY, ostentatious display. You will find the Black Egg hidden somewhere in between.
34. GTS Design
Hint:  it seems there has been an earthquake!

35. Taylor Made
Hint: An AMAZING time was had by all as they wandered the grounds of the store.

36. On a Lark
Hint: Some pillows are simply made to swing.

37. Mystic Fantasies
Hint: This little one fell off the stairs

38. Reliquia
Hint:  A Glass of Wine, A Piece of Fruit and.. an Egg??

39. Dysfunctional design
Hint: Overcooked to the point of blackness, oh no

40. Ravens0ng
Hint:            .......and Down Swoops the Raven
                     .......Picks up the Black Egg shell into his beak
                             and climbs the Tree of Roses.....
                               ...Watching you......

41. Moonlight Shadow
Hint: Under his kilt

42.  Vidsaga's
Hint: the water feels warm under my feet I slosh through the yellow glow I look for the rock of spirits and below the stars it sits.

Just a sneaky preview of the awesome hunt items you can find!

Monday, 26 March 2012

It's time again!

25L$ Tues is back again! Wohoo!

I have one new item for it, and hopefully you'll like it! It's the "Collectors Box" - it has a myriad of jars, pouches, cloth bundles.. and all at only 2 prims. It's not 2D, it's 3D! The items are really there, and the best part is that it can be used in -anything-!

Need a secret herb stash? Poisons? KANDA? Uh huh... This is your box! Come visit and check it out for 25L$ Tuesday, or if you're late it'll be only 100L$ and it is available like normal through vendors, in store world, or Marketplace!

So please! You can check them out at our Marketplace store or inworld at our ever growing mainstore on Neyo .

Hope to see you soon, don't miss out on the great deal!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

35l Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 25 March 2012

I am so happy that spring finally came to us, that I created some nice decoration for your sl houses and gardens.

VASE WITH TULIPS - home decoration
A ceramic vase with animated water and sculpted tulip flowers and leaves.
The item is transfer, so is the perfect gift for any occasion.
You can buy it just today with 35l in my inworld shop.

HANGING LAUNDRY - spring / summer
I also made a spring / summer "Hanging Laundry".
The two beautiful green trees, except their use as hanging laundry, are a great garden decoration.
You may try / buy this item in my shop.
For next 24 hours will be at the price of 35l.

I wish you a great Sunday!

Monday, 19 March 2012

25L$ Tues & New Book-shelves!

Yep! That's right, we finally got into 25L$ Tuesday, so this week we're kicking it off with 2 products:

First, a 4 pack of sculpted rugs that usually sells for 140L$ - released last week &
secondly - books on a shelf for just one prim! - the ones seen in the top right corner.

We're also releasing 2 and 3 prim varieties with candles, we anticipate more candle-y products in the near future and so much more, so keep your ears open, and stop by tonight/tomorrow!

The other books on shelf varieties come in 2 and 3 prim options, if you choose to omit the candle glow prim it'll only ever be  a minimal 2 prims for a beautiful, non particle candle effect. They're on display at the store and for sale (copyable of course!!) for 85L$ per shelf or 235L$ for all 4, so that you can decorate on a budget without being repetitive!

They're also unscripted, and do not include 'real' SL lighting, so we keep you low on the laggy charts too.

You can check them out at our Marketplace store or inworld at our ever growing mainstore on Neyo .

But you can only purchase individual shelves in world =)

Hope to see you soon, and make sure to pick up the sales while they last ! (they end March 20th, 11:59 PM!)

Please remember we sell primarily mesh stuff (but the rugs aren't this week!) - so be sure you can see and fully use mesh items.We have also released another group freebie, typically 2 per month!!


Saturday, 17 March 2012

35l Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 17 March 2012

Hello again.
Time flies especially when you are living in two different worlds :D.
Is Sunday again and here are the new items I have for you:

You may find these items at this price of 35l for the next 24 h in front or my shop.
Please enjoy them.

Monday, 12 March 2012

New Release! Chained Heat's Leather and Fur!

Leather and Fur- Red Lust!
11 pieces with jacket, skirt, camisk, and accessories all designed to mix and match for multiple looks.
Catch us in world at:
Or on the Marketplace at:

:seawinds: 1st Releases March



in different colors, creme and green also available inworld - other color requests please contact me inworld.



in different Styles also available inworld

- The Hunter BackPack
- The Baker BackPack
- The Tailor BackPack
- Daisy Days BackPack

all BackPacks are high detailed with many items and supplies for any roleplay needs.

If you want a special one, a custom design or color please contact me inworld.


Older Release:

Gorean Collar North

also available as Kef, Tuchuk and Dina Collar





Happy Roleplay and a Great Time

(Ivion Resident)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Voltai Nomads Nose Rings

Ring attached to nose. You can wear it at septum or at wing.

Includes a ring only to adorn, and another one, opencollar scripted. It has the same functions as the necklaces opencollar.

Transfer to give another one.

See an appropiate color/size/texture of the leash for your nose ring:

1- Touh the ring.
2- Change the size: From the menu, select Lesh - L-Options - Size - Minimum
3- Change the texture: From the menu, select Lesh - L-Options - Size - Thick Chain
4- Change the color in golden rings: From the menu, select Lesh - L-Options - Color - Yellows - Medium Gold

"Tuchuk women, unveiled, in their long leather dresses, long hair bound in braids, tended cooking pots hung on "em-wood tripods over dung fires. These women were unscarred, but like the bask themselves, each wore a nose ring. That of the animals is heavy and of gold, that of the women also of gold but tiny and fine, not unlike the wedding rings of my old world."
"I supposed that Kamchak would have one of the tiny nose rings affixed; all Tuchuk females, slave or free, wear such rings."
                                                                                  Nomads of Gor - John Norman

Whatz NPC Guard 2.0

Whatz presents a new line of NPC Guards.
They are animated and based on Pandorabots, which means they are Artificial Intelligences able to chat with people.
Only 26 prims each, copiable and realistic (they even blink!)
Whatz NPCs are designed to enhance your roleplay experience and provide a fun addition to your sim.
Only 499L$.

My 35l Sunday's Offer for 11 March 2012

Every Sunday a group of merchants from the "35l Sunday Group" are offering some products with reduced price.
I create every week something special for this occasion.

This week I made for you a romantic waterfall skybox, with spring nature and great couple animations, a sexy blue wrapped dress and some feet bijous with sapphire blue stone.

You can find these products at 35 l just today at my shop: Alehandrita Design

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dysfunctional Designs New Fireplaces!

Our new fireplaces are out at Dysfunctional Designs - they're 3 prims without the smokestack, 4 with - and of course 100% Mesh!

They feature hand baked shadows, realistic mesh fire, and the option to have subtle crackling sounds. There is two styles, with the non-corner version having two options of grates for sale.

You can check them out at our Marketplace store or inworld at our ever growing mainstore on Neyo.

They're 265L$ Each, fully copyable, and the smokestack is modifiable to fit to your ceiling (or not have one at all!)

Our Corner version seems to be the most popular, so without further ado -

Don't forget we're also participating in the Beauty & the Freak Hunt til the 24th, as well as 30L$ Saturday today (March 10th)...

Hope to see you soon!


Friday, 9 March 2012

30L$ Saturday - 10th March

30L$ Saturday "Plump & Happy Special" sneaky preview.
None of our models are anorexic, they are all healthy and well fed!
This is only a sample of what you will find for sale tomorrow, just for 30L$. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

[Forge] Chained Rose Collar.

Hey!, first things first, thanks for the new Blog Trippy. I'll be the first to start the ball rolling.. I've just released a new range of collars from the creator of Wrought and Steel, The Forge is pleased to bring you 'Chained Rose', a set of beautiful collars in five varieties of colours for a touch of uniqueness..

These collars use the open collar scripts, they also include an unscripted, cosmetic version you can use without the lag monster rearing it's mug. So come check it out at my store or visit the market place link

EZ & The Forge.

Welcome to Fashion Heaven!

Welcome to the one-stop Gorean Fashion News!   This is a multi-user blog that all Gorean designers are invited to join.  Here you can tell our community of your new releases, your sales, or just general news concerning your store!