Monday, 28 May 2012

Fight away scurvy!

Fight away scurvy with our new fruit barrels! Oranges, Lemons, and two varieties of bright apples! Only one prim each and always copyable, made from mesh.

At a bargain price of 100L$ each you can get them on the marketplace, inworld @ Neyo, and from any inworld vendor!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

35L Sunday - 20 May - Alehandrita Design

Pottery Workshop & Market Stall

-Temporary Rezz Objects Menu
-Shaping Pottery Animation
-Painting Vase Animation
-Animated Wheel
-Props that give objects: brush and vase
-15 prims
-Permission : copy

You may try it and buy it today with just 35l from my inworld shop:

I wish you a great Sunday!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

35L Sunday and Promo New Skin - 13 May 2012 - Alehandrita Design

All red and fresh today!

Spoil your naked body with Strawberries and Whipped Cream and let your partner taste them. Eat them one by simply clicking on them. 
This item works good with the Tantra Barrels.
35L just today !

Sexy Exposed Dress with Ruby pasties.
35L today in my shop.

I made this sexy red dress to fit with my new skin: 

Ayla's skin - Goldie tone- Red lips

My new skin is in PROMO price just for one day. 50% off for the next 24 hours.
150 L

You may find these items in my shops:

Wish you a great Sunday!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

New Mesh Camisk @ RunAway =)

The Camisk is full Mesh and textured with very fine details who give an awesome, sweet and sexy look.
It comes with two styles (with and without frayed border) , alpha layer and in 5 sizes
L / M / S / XS / XXS
The bra is separately detachable and modify to easy adjustment on your shape.
You can find it in our Mainstore or in the Marketplace
Enjoy it! =)) and a happy mothersday @ all!

:* Candela

Friday, 11 May 2012

Home Expo, 30L$, 25L$, etc!

So much is going on! This week will be our busiest in awhile for sure.

Yes, soon we will be in the 5th Annual Home & Garden Expo! We will be on Expo 12 with several other awesome designers! We will be on the awesome Kismet sim with several other lovely designers such as Roawenwood & Trident.

We're a little unprepared as this isn't something we've really done before, but we will have definitely 2 new items to donate for RFL as well as 600 prims to decorate.

Also, we're participating in 30L$ Saturday this week, as well as 25L$ Tuesday next, so we will have an excess of awesome deals out for you in the near future. We aren't finished with the 25L$ Tues item or the Expo ones, but I'll be sure to add pics when they're finalized. Meanwhile, this is the 30L$ Item you'll be able to pick up at our main store today for 30L$:

It's pretty cute and I love the silly animation I stuck inside, it is not really meant to be viewed from the inside as this version is unfinished, but I thought it would be a convenient prop for those who are often with captive or in the need to hide during a raid, so particularly perhaps slaves who do not fight might benefit.

It is only 1 prim with or without animation and is usually selling for 135L$ with normal no mod/copy/no transfer permissions. You can also get it on the Marketplace.

I also added a new and awesome item to our vendors & Marketplace! It's the "Merchant Scales & Coins" item, only 1 PE and only 100L$! Copyable, like normal for us. It is for sure a unique item but the best part is instead of paying 100L$, you can get it 100% FREE by joining out free to join group in world, Dysfunctional Dolly Designs.

After that, you will have to pay! It's in the group notices, and is certainly a cute item and very low cost. It will only be up for another week though, so do hurry. We often have group freebies multiple times a month. 

Well, hopefully I'll be back later this weekend to show you all the awesome updates we have lined up, happy Mothers Day all!


Sunday, 6 May 2012

35L Sunday - 06 May 2012 - Alehandrita Design

I moved my shop in a new location. Here is my new adress:

Sandwriting Offsim
I created for today an Offsim beach on a nice rocky island with write on sand and sunbath animations. Lovely water foam with menu. You can get this item just today from my shop at the price of 35L.
Wanna try the item? This link will take you at the right place.

Wish you a great Sunday!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New @ Sweet Poison

Where I live, the weather is beautiful! Things are in bloom and my allergies are all out of whack which tells me that Spring is definitely in full swing! Spring always makes me feel like I can start anew and fresh. I get the urge to clean and take on new projects. I feel like a free spirit in Spring. And that brings me to my new outfit this week! It’s an updated version of the old Free Spirit that brings new life to one of my all time favorite outfits in the Sweet Poison product line. I have added a brand new non-rigged mesh top and relocated the colorful posies to the hip where they are kept in an old clay pot. The handle of the pot is securely fastened to the hip by a the fat familiar knot the first version had and more fabric has been fashioned around the hips to add a little flair and attention where needed *winks*.
I hope you enjoy this fun and colorful frock as much as I do!
You can find Free Spirit II at my main store:
or you can visit my online marketplace store:
Sweet Poison Marketplace Store