Friday, 14 February 2014


-o-o-Chained Heat-o-o-

Romance is in the air...
100% mesh and available in all standard sizes.
Soft and sensual available in two colors!
Innocent and pure white...

Or are you...
Risqué in red!
And who will find out? ~winks~

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Pearl Dancing Silks

-o-o- Chained Heat -o-o-

These beautiful dancing silks are non-mesh, to allow for the fit, flow, and float of silken fabric as it should be as you move around the room.

Pearl Silks!
Skirt features exquisite prim detail hand made from our artisan designer. Side silks are detachable for a slow striptease as you dance and tease

Each set includes ten pieces:
• Silk and pearl skirt with detachable side silks
• Pearl and gold anklets and armbands
• Pearl and gem nipple chain
• Forehead gem

All items are adjustable at a click of a button to be a perfect fit your body.
Resize script is the easiest to use in SL. It is the same used in weapons systems and so is very low lag and of course, removable.

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