Monday, 30 April 2012

Greetings . We have many jewelry collars .OC scripted ,modify ,transfer.
Here is the new one

New @ [DDD]

Hey, it's been awhile since our last release, huh? Well, we've both been having computer issues, and I'm afraid the storm hasn't fully weathered over - but we managed to push some stuff out at least!

Since we're operating again (and I at least, am on a new PC) - I am sure you'll see more releases in the near future.

So let me tell you about my new releases, and don't forget to read the last part there as there is info on a free hunt item & a 30L$ item which will be available for 6 days...(about 10c USD, so practically giving it away!!)

New releases!!
Horn Wall Torch ->1 P.E. & 155L$
Horn Table Torch ->1 P.E. & 145L$
Horn Candelabra ->;2 P.E. & 165L$
Horn Chandelier ->; 3 P.E. (+1 for extender) & 215L$

All copy, no mod, unscripted & light emitting or non emitting versions.
Candelabra version on SALE from 1st-6th MAY for only 80L$ (over half off) at the Beltane Festival where we will also have more goodies (a hunt item & 30L$ item!!)

We have 2 stalls so you will need to visit both to find the hunt, 30L$, & half off candelabra.

The items are all available in world @ Our main store of Neyo
& online at Dysfunctional Designs on the Marketplace
-- You can also shop using your affiliate vendors!

Please come stop by and check them out, models displayed fully in the main store =)

Hope to see you soon,
Anke Hatchuk & Codered
Dysfunctional Designs

Sunday, 29 April 2012

35L Sunday - 29 April 2012 - Alehandrita Design

You dont have a horse in SL?
Well, is time to get one and most important...time to take care of the hay that is in the upper storey of the stable.
Take your lover and "turn the hay".
Stable with scripted doors, with space for two animals.
Comes packed in Rez Faux system.
Upper storey with hay has single and couple sleeping, cuddle and adult animations.
You may see the item and try the animations in my inworld shop: Alehandrita Design Shop

For the next 24 hours this item cost just 35l.
You may buy this stable from my inworld shop.

Also I have a 50% discount in my shop for 7 complete outfits. Buy them at 60l just today.

I wish you a great Sunday.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

35 l Sunday - 15 April 2012 - Alehandrita Design

For this Sunday I made some adult items:

Tantra Barrel - 3 prims- with single and couple animations,  is the perfect decoration for a gorean/medieval tavern. 
Bonus: A red fox fur and a barrel with lighting candles - extra decoration ( optional ).

Washing the Floor - 2 prims - can be a pleasent work when you are taken by surprise...

Both items are at the 35l Sunday Event - just today at the price of 35l in my inworld shop.
Please enjoy!

Friday, 13 April 2012

New Release: 'Love Me' - Dancer Silks

Hand made heart chains with precious stones and dreamy silks.
Three different colors / models in each pack:

Pack 1:
  • Blue Silks
  • Red Silks
  • Green Silks

Pack 2:
  • Feather Silks
  • Pink Silks
  • Purple Silks

You can buy them now from Marketplace Store or my inworld shop:  Alehandrita Design - Inworld Shop

Saturday, 7 April 2012

New Releases at Silk Worms

 Booty Call, a sexy little number with sculpted shorts and cute top.

 Ladybug This is a mesh outfit , please try demos for sizing before purchase

Adorable baggies for your Gorean adventures.  Sporting a small bag for collectibles a flower for decoration and charming patches.  This is a mesh item , please try the demos for sizing before you purchase.

Peace , Trips.

New group-only freebie @ [DDD]!

I set out to find a unique group freebie that people might like, especially something for both genders.

So I made a tunic for men and women alike, each has a specially sized belt and different textured top (men don't have boobs as it turns out, or nearly as wide hips...)

Now, I am no guy and I don't think you want to see my 'drag' costume (female skin on male shape) but here is me with the female counterpart. It's red with brown lining & black ties in the back. It looks really deliciously rustic and is awesome for just about anywhere! It can be used for Free & slave alike in Gor, and most everyone in normal RP environments. Layer it over a longer underskirt for a modest look, or take off the long skirt and use the 'insert' for a just barely covering (or over pants) look!

Best thing of all, is it's 100% free for my store group members, if you're not a part of it, please join today! There is a group inviter at almost all of our store outlets as well as our main store in Neyo... Oh and you can check my profile (anke hatchuk) for it, too.

Without further ado, pictures!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Asperiche - Voltai News

Asperiche Red

Costume for ladies (6 clothes items, 12 prim items, hud shoe&skin and 2 gestures). Includes:
Shirt (in three layers)
Pants (in two layers)
Basket with eggs (pose animated)
Sandals with sculpted toes (and hud to colorize your skin and nails)
Egg Thrower

Asperiche Blue
Available in two colors: Blue, green, red and yellow.

Prims clothes are resize, to fit them to your body. Low lag clothes, only includes one script by garment. After modify, you can delete it.

Asperiche Green
EGG THROWER_______________________________________________________________
_Slave damage (-9% splash, -11% direct) compatible with GM, DCS and CCS. Wear the objet "Voltai Egg Thrower" it will be attached by default to right hand.
_Chat commands (chanel 1):
- /1 draw egg. Draws the egg on the right hand.
- /1 sheath egg. Sheaths the egg.
_There are Egg Draw and Egg Sheath gestures in the box. Active them to draw and sheath your egg faster. Maybe you will have another gestures active. To desactive, search in your inventory for the word "active", right click and desactivate.
_Doble click the gesture to modify the key function and add a chat phrase, to see it in the general log every time you draw or sheath the egg.
_Click on the egg to see the menu.
-Eggs: Long or short range.
-Mode: Auto or normal fire.
-Command: Imput command.

Asperiche Yellow

Sunday, 1 April 2012

35L Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 1 April 2012

Medieval outfits with rich skirts, exposed corsets, fluffy sleeves and cute low shoes.
Bonus - mouth attachment: tulip flower.
You may find them just today at 35L in my inworld shop.

      Medieval Dress with Pink Cloth

      Medieval Dress with Black Cloth

Have a great Sunday!