Sunday, 29 April 2012

35L Sunday - 29 April 2012 - Alehandrita Design

You dont have a horse in SL?
Well, is time to get one and most important...time to take care of the hay that is in the upper storey of the stable.
Take your lover and "turn the hay".
Stable with scripted doors, with space for two animals.
Comes packed in Rez Faux system.
Upper storey with hay has single and couple sleeping, cuddle and adult animations.
You may see the item and try the animations in my inworld shop: Alehandrita Design Shop

For the next 24 hours this item cost just 35l.
You may buy this stable from my inworld shop.

Also I have a 50% discount in my shop for 7 complete outfits. Buy them at 60l just today.

I wish you a great Sunday.

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