Monday, 2 April 2012

Asperiche - Voltai News

Asperiche Red

Costume for ladies (6 clothes items, 12 prim items, hud shoe&skin and 2 gestures). Includes:
Shirt (in three layers)
Pants (in two layers)
Basket with eggs (pose animated)
Sandals with sculpted toes (and hud to colorize your skin and nails)
Egg Thrower

Asperiche Blue
Available in two colors: Blue, green, red and yellow.

Prims clothes are resize, to fit them to your body. Low lag clothes, only includes one script by garment. After modify, you can delete it.

Asperiche Green
EGG THROWER_______________________________________________________________
_Slave damage (-9% splash, -11% direct) compatible with GM, DCS and CCS. Wear the objet "Voltai Egg Thrower" it will be attached by default to right hand.
_Chat commands (chanel 1):
- /1 draw egg. Draws the egg on the right hand.
- /1 sheath egg. Sheaths the egg.
_There are Egg Draw and Egg Sheath gestures in the box. Active them to draw and sheath your egg faster. Maybe you will have another gestures active. To desactive, search in your inventory for the word "active", right click and desactivate.
_Doble click the gesture to modify the key function and add a chat phrase, to see it in the general log every time you draw or sheath the egg.
_Click on the egg to see the menu.
-Eggs: Long or short range.
-Mode: Auto or normal fire.
-Command: Imput command.

Asperiche Yellow

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