Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Voltai Teleporter

Fantasy & Medieval Landscaping

Voltai Teleporter
Special teleporter for medieval sims. $ 100 L$

HOW TO CHANGE LOCATIONS___________________________
    Rezz the teleporter and go to contents tab. 
    Copy and paste the notecard to your inventory to make a security copy. Don't rename the notecard.
    Open the notecard and overwrite "Safezone", "Docks".... with the name of the locations you want to appear at menu.
    Overwrite "0, 0, 0"... with the the locations you want to teleport. You'll find the coordenates at the secondlife Map.

    Reset the script (at the Tools menu)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

35L Sunday -22 July - Alehandrita Design

Single bed where you may sleep or take your breakfast. The bed has a scripted blanket that covers/uncovers you at touch. You may try this bed in the demo area from my inworld shop - TP TO THE DEMO AREA
How to use it? Just clik on the bed and choose "sit". You will find yourself in the first animation and will also get the menu. The breakfast animations will rez a tempting breakfast tray and will give you a folder with items each time you or your guests will use the bed.
If you click on the bedside table you will get the rez objects menu. Choose the item you want to be rezzed on your table: breakfast extra tray or candle. Use derez when you dont want that item anymore. After that you may choose another item to be rezzed.
Click on the bedside table to get the rez objects menu. Choose the item you want to be rezzed on your table: flowers or candle. Use derez when you dont want that item anymore, after that you may choose another item.
Pack of four different wall frames that you may personalise adding your own pictures. Just edit the frame, use "edit linked parts" and choose the middle prim. Drag there the picture you like and you are done. The frames have copy and modify permissions, so you may have as many you like and whatever size you prefer.
You may try these items in my inworld shop : DEMO AREA.
You may buy them for the next 24 hours at the special price of 35L from the VENDOR AREA.
Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

*zibber's designs* New Release - Tee's Camisk

Tee's Camisk is a Turian Camisk made with a slightly rough fabric. It hangs over the head of the slave, exposing the curves of her back, and fits snuggly around her hips. 

Tee is available in 8 colours - Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, Orange, Pink and Cyan.

Besides the outfit itself in various layers, Tee also comes with:

Rope Braid Headband
Waist cord with drinking horn and coin pouch
Leg Warmers

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Adrenaline Rush new release

New rigged MESH release in Adrenaline Rush

Wild shirts in 5 standard SL sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L). See inworld or marketplace link for demos.

Taxi to the store

Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunday, 8 July 2012

35L Sunday - 8 July - Alehandrita Design

Middle of so hot that I miss the shade of a deep green forest, so I made a piece of one.
Forest Log - with green leaves, ferns and mushrooms. Great relaxing animations and give items menu (draw, read, brush hair, talk at phone, relax...). Ment to bring you in a better mood. Just place it in your sl garden and dream away...
Captivity Cave - Best place to keep your prisoner.
Prisoner animations with give items menu.
Scripted gate.
You may buy these items just today at this price: 35L from my inworld shop: Alehandrita Design.
From tomorrow they will be placed with their normal price on my sl market shop:

Wish you a great Sunday!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

35L Sunday - 1 July - Alehandrita Design

Dancer outfit made with precious chains, emerald stones and silks.

Alehandrita's Eyes - Stormy
Deep dark eyes that you wont be able to forget.

Emerand Earrings
White gold combined with emerald stones. They match with the Emerald Silks.

You may buy these items for the next 24 hours at just 35l from my inworld shop: Alehandrita Design 

Have a great month!