Sunday, 30 September 2012

35L Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 30 Sept

Autumn Scene
Make your own autumn scene and be part of it. Click on the pile of leaves and get a animated rake with real raking sound.The pile of leaves gives rakes to anyone who clicks on it. So you may bring your friends to help you finish this autumn work.Two sculpted sacks with leaves and a extra rake are decorations.There are four ground sculpted covers with leaves, with more or less leaves on them. You may choose the ones you like better.
Enjoy Autumn...
Try DEMO Autumn Scene and buy it from the VENDOR AREA.

Hand Washing Tube
My rl washing machine is broken, so I was really inspired to create a manual one in sl. Try feels real. I used hand washing clothes animation and real hand washing sound.You will get a folder with props: flexible cloth and soap.The animated foam and bubbles make it even more real. Bubbles have menu at touch (on / off).
Try this item DEMO Hand Washing Tube. Buy it from the VENDOR AREA.

These items are just today at 35L, from tomorrow you may find them in my SL Market at their normal price:
Wish you a great Sunday!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

35L Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 23 Sept

My Shopping Sack - animated
Shopping Sack with different kind of food and Wild Orchids.
Just wear the item and you will get animated with the sack in your arms.
I made the animation with priority 4 so you may wear it with any AO.
This Shopping Sack will bring a smile on your face each time you will wear it.
You may also rezz the sack as a home decoration.

Feather Duster - animated
Keep your sl house clean.Wear the duster and move closer to any furniture you want to clean. For best results use it every day.
Get these items just this Sunday at the price of just 35L in my sl shop , or you can find them any other day in my marketplace shop.

I wish you a great Sunday!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Voltai Ngao

Huntress costume with necklace, cuffs and belt opencollar

Ngao Dark
Costume for huntress (4 clothes items, 10 prim items and alpha layer). Includes: 
Top (in two layers) 
Arm stripes 
Skirt Opencollar scripted 
Cuffs Opencollar scripted 
Necklace Opencollar scripted.

Available in two colors: Dark and Light. $ 195 L$

Ngao Light

Sunday, 16 September 2012

35L Sunday - Alehandrita Design - 16 Sept

Scripted chair that moves at touch. Comes with six custom animations ( relax, knitting, embroidery, reading, drinking wine) and folders with props ( knitting needles, embroidery circle, reading book and cup of red wine).
Buy it / try it here: Alehandrita Design Shop

Sexy dancer silks that come with sculpted nipple jewelry - silver with blue stones - and sculpted / flexi skirt also with jewelry belt. 35L just today in my shop.

Deep dark eyes.

Tribal feminine piercing.

Buy these items for the next 24h from my shop : Alehandrita Design
I wish you a great Sunday!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Continuation of [DDD] Dark Wooden line!

Hello all!

This week I am happy to announce the addition of several new products to our [DDD] Dark Wooden line - a versatile set of products which will fit modern homes to medieval homes without looking out of place. All of these products - except the two featured at FaMESHed exclusively until the 28th of September (Chaise Longue & Nightstand with Candles) - are already available on the Marketplace & inworld for ease of purchase!

As well, all of our FREE Affiliate vendors are upgraded to them if they completed the process to set up one of our new updated options which are modifiable! Remember, if you do not see these new products in the vendor, it must be upgraded - they will eventually go defunct & not operate as well as not get any new products to them.

Without further ado, here are our latest additions to this beautiful & timeless set...

Saturday, 1 September 2012

35L Sunday - 2 September 2012 - Alehandrita Design

Hello again, 

I created two new items for this weekend's event: a complete roleplay outfit

The outfit includes: top & skirt, belt with feathers, earrings, backpack with herbs and mushrooms, armband with arrows, legband with blowgun. Permissions: copy.
and her little shop:

My Little Herb Stand 
The stand has two working animations: arrange herbs and dry herbs, with two different props. 
Just right click on the stand and choose "sit here" and you will get the animations menu.
Permissions: copy. 
You can try this item in the DEMO area.

You may get these items for the next 24 hours at 35L in my shop.
Try them in the Demo Area, buy them in the Vendor Area.
I wish you a great Sunday!