Friday, 22 June 2012

Voltai Bonnet

$ 50 L $ [BUY NOW]
Mesh Cap in 5 colors. Perfect for ladies low cast. Multitexture and resized scripted.

So much new stuff from [DDD]! Freebies, too.

Let me start with my excitement of reaching 800 group members recently - and still growing. WOW! 4 months, 400 members... and continuing. I cannot believe how awesome everyone is in supporting us and our tiny company! I wanted to express how scared I was that we were trying something different - attempting to use almost no templates or full perms available in SL, and something so far we have succeeded with!!

So here we are -- let me show you my latest freebies first, you have to be in the group for both and you can pick them up in the main store. One is outside, and one by the landing spot!

Next for you, I have a metric ton of releases...

So I'll just post their pics, and if you'd like to see the prices and more info you can visit them on the Marketplace, or also inworld (don't forget the freebies!!)

Thank you for checking us out! Hope to see you soon.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

>>AR<< New releases

Finally my PC got fixed so I could make something new for you guys :)


 You can find them here:
Taxi to the main store



Sunday, 10 June 2012

Alehandrita Design at the Summer Fashion Festival

Hello again,
I wanna invite you all at the Summer Fashion Festival where I participate.
I created some exclusive items for this event. You may visit my stand taking this TAXI....
Here are my SFF outfits:

My Nails...

Watermelone Bijous (partially mesh)

Alehandrita Design

Voltai Windmill

Without scripts, low lag. 4 x 4x 8 sqm.
Includes 3 versions:
- Static
- With movement
- With movement & Sound
 195 L $ [BUY NOW] 

Inworld Shop

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins Hunt

THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS HUNT: The second Quality Hunt

"God may forgive your sins, but your nervous system won't."

[Alfred Korzybski]

What's the SEVEN DEADLY SINS  Hunt?
It's a new concept: a hunt, traditional in its form, with hints and hidden items, where the focus is on quality rather than quantity.
Hunt prizes will be of a quality level normally associated with full-price store items, and sold at 30L each, when found.
In all partecipating stores, Hunters will get a hint, with the hunt prize picture for that store, and the landmark to the next store.
Thus,  they will have to visit each store at least once, as in a traditional hunt, to get the next landmark, but will have control on what prizes they prefer to hunt for.
It's a great chance for fun, and for Creators to promote items that will, after the hunt, be sold normally at full price in their stores.

The SEVEN DEADLY SINS HUNT will be running from 10 June to 17 June.

1. Trident
Hint: Where the slaves of Greed count their coins, seek for your prize.

2. Trident Jewelry
Hint: The cat goddess hides the prize.

3. Damned
Hint for Slaves:  Buttoned up is the way to go
Hint for Women: Let Chaos reign!!
Hint for Men     : Kur Hunter? sure lets go

4. Curvalicious
Hint: The empty corner may not be as bare as you think

5. Whatz
Hint: I said it's INVALID!

6. EK Studio Project
Hint: If a good bj you wanna enjoy, these poseballs your need to deploy

7. Forbidden Delights
Hint: Oh my it smells here!

8. Fallen Gods Inc.
Hint: Every sin is associated to the traditional animal rappresenting them, find the creature and you will find your own sin.
Toad - avarice; snake - envy; lion - wrath; snail - sloth; pig - gluttony; goat - lust; peacock - pride.

9. The Strawberry Box
Hint: Check store hint giver

10.  Axis Creations
Hint:  Pleasure yourself... or peek behind

11. Tharyn Design
Hint: You can find your target on the black rock

12. Libby's place
Hint: Eat till your hearts content

13. On a Lark
Hint: Deadly or not, the taste of this honey will delight.  Look for a taste  under the lean-to.

14. Glamorous Sin
Hint: 4 fruits of sin was left , one in each room
        Hunt field is only the mainstore ( the bigger one)

15. Zibber's designs
Hint: How dare you place me amongst the worthless!

16. Taylor Made
Hint: Thieves and cutthroats roam outside to steal my gold and stones.
Within my hut, within my lair, I'm guarding all I own.
For 30L I found a trick to escape them, quite unharmed
It tunnels through the walls, you see. My life is now en-charmed.

17. Amulet
Hint: Ask the bunnies!

18. Raven's Heart
Hint: Too much time with Dionysos can lead to Sloth

19. BearCub
-Gluttony: "No kidding! This one eats a lot"
-Greed: "His coins are so precious he couldn't toss one into the wishing well"
-Wrath: "This one brands them all, what better punishment?"
-Envy: "This one wishes you keep having daughters only!"
-Pride: "You don't mess with proud women"
-Lust: "This one hides between the sexiest slaves"
-Sloth: "This one is for the lazy ones."

20. Timeless Textures
Hint: Your lust for treasure is so TRANSPARENT (alpha), nothing feeds GREED like HARD CURRENCY.

21. Cynful Design
Hint:  Summer days call for lazy ways ... what best way to do that than on the porch!

22. Soul Effects
Hint #1: There are Four Windows - I am in one of them
Hint #2 - And I am in the Window Across from the first

23. Favourite Genes

Hints:  Envy:  Hides in the corner, hating in secret.
Gluttony:  Is the first one to the table.
Greed: Gets ALL the Freebies!
Lust: Is all over Greg.
Pride: Wants to be front and center.
Sloth:  Lounges on the couch.
Wrath:  Keeps eyes on you.

24. United Inshcon
Hint: search the dancing fairys

25. Fabled
Hint: Tick Tock goes the clock

26. Roawenwood 
Hint:  Hint giver on location in store that will be updated

27. For F's sake
Hint 1: I'm at a place you should check out!
Hint 2: I'm at a place you should check out!
Hint 3: I'm at a place you should check out!

28. Lady Soul
Hint: It is your Fate to find me.

29. RVi Design
Hint: The King can always blame it on the Castle's Head Chef... It all started from the Kitchen after all! But lets not full ourselves, we should know the sin its from within!

30. Moonlight Shadow
Hint: Eat your till you drop. If you want meat, grill it on fire.

31. Reliquia
Hint:  Taste the Fruit, Savor the Wine

32. Mystic Fantasies
Hint: They -both- enjoy it?

33. Torvis Gorean Weapons
Hint: Look in a tree

34. Luas 
Hint: Find the outfit near the new releases

35. Dysfunctional design
Hint: Seek the glowing red mushroom.

36. Habitation
Hint: Find me among the collection

37. Sweet Poison
Hint: I'll SWEEP the floor with you, if you mess with my man!

38. Riverdog & Sciarri Trading Co.
Hint: Count one - two - three-
Then Look for the Tree

39. Adoration Home & Garden
Hint: Somewhere between progress and antiques...

40. GTS Design
Hint: high stands in the sun, 1 of 4 sisters, vanity mirrors itself. A mature coconut dancing in the wind silent and hidden protects her sweet milk.

Monday, 4 June 2012

25L$ Tues & New Stuff @ [DDD]

Hi all!

Gosh, I can't believe it is June already, we only barely re-picked the store up but a about 4 months back and yet time has gone by so quickly.

Well, we have a few new releases today, as well as a new group freebie (!!!) &amp; one will be on sale this week (Tuesday) for 25L$ (limited time, only til Tues night!!)

So here are the pics &amp; info for them!

- 1 prim, shadowed, 100L$
 -  25L$ for only Tuesday, 1 prim 100L$ otherwise
                                     - 1 prim also, 100L$ OR group freebie (limited time)

Don't forget we recently also released a new starter avatar for women: Full Free Woman Starter Kit for 25L$ (and giftable from the Marketplace!) it has everything a straight out of the box noob needs from starter skins (not the worlds best, but they has a hooha!) &amp; eyes, a basic hair and a mesh dress outfit with matching shoes!
As well as: Mesh Barrels Packs &amp; Fruit Barrels Packs &amp; Giant Casks
Hope to see you soon!

Anke &amp; Code
Main Store @ Neyo
All our stuff can be bought at:
All new releases &amp; freebies in group, also viewable at: