Friday, 22 June 2012

So much new stuff from [DDD]! Freebies, too.

Let me start with my excitement of reaching 800 group members recently - and still growing. WOW! 4 months, 400 members... and continuing. I cannot believe how awesome everyone is in supporting us and our tiny company! I wanted to express how scared I was that we were trying something different - attempting to use almost no templates or full perms available in SL, and something so far we have succeeded with!!

So here we are -- let me show you my latest freebies first, you have to be in the group for both and you can pick them up in the main store. One is outside, and one by the landing spot!

Next for you, I have a metric ton of releases...

So I'll just post their pics, and if you'd like to see the prices and more info you can visit them on the Marketplace, or also inworld (don't forget the freebies!!)

Thank you for checking us out! Hope to see you soon.


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