Friday, 11 May 2012

Home Expo, 30L$, 25L$, etc!

So much is going on! This week will be our busiest in awhile for sure.

Yes, soon we will be in the 5th Annual Home & Garden Expo! We will be on Expo 12 with several other awesome designers! We will be on the awesome Kismet sim with several other lovely designers such as Roawenwood & Trident.

We're a little unprepared as this isn't something we've really done before, but we will have definitely 2 new items to donate for RFL as well as 600 prims to decorate.

Also, we're participating in 30L$ Saturday this week, as well as 25L$ Tuesday next, so we will have an excess of awesome deals out for you in the near future. We aren't finished with the 25L$ Tues item or the Expo ones, but I'll be sure to add pics when they're finalized. Meanwhile, this is the 30L$ Item you'll be able to pick up at our main store today for 30L$:

It's pretty cute and I love the silly animation I stuck inside, it is not really meant to be viewed from the inside as this version is unfinished, but I thought it would be a convenient prop for those who are often with captive or in the need to hide during a raid, so particularly perhaps slaves who do not fight might benefit.

It is only 1 prim with or without animation and is usually selling for 135L$ with normal no mod/copy/no transfer permissions. You can also get it on the Marketplace.

I also added a new and awesome item to our vendors & Marketplace! It's the "Merchant Scales & Coins" item, only 1 PE and only 100L$! Copyable, like normal for us. It is for sure a unique item but the best part is instead of paying 100L$, you can get it 100% FREE by joining out free to join group in world, Dysfunctional Dolly Designs.

After that, you will have to pay! It's in the group notices, and is certainly a cute item and very low cost. It will only be up for another week though, so do hurry. We often have group freebies multiple times a month. 

Well, hopefully I'll be back later this weekend to show you all the awesome updates we have lined up, happy Mothers Day all!


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