Sunday, 11 March 2012

Voltai Nomads Nose Rings

Ring attached to nose. You can wear it at septum or at wing.

Includes a ring only to adorn, and another one, opencollar scripted. It has the same functions as the necklaces opencollar.

Transfer to give another one.

See an appropiate color/size/texture of the leash for your nose ring:

1- Touh the ring.
2- Change the size: From the menu, select Lesh - L-Options - Size - Minimum
3- Change the texture: From the menu, select Lesh - L-Options - Size - Thick Chain
4- Change the color in golden rings: From the menu, select Lesh - L-Options - Color - Yellows - Medium Gold

"Tuchuk women, unveiled, in their long leather dresses, long hair bound in braids, tended cooking pots hung on "em-wood tripods over dung fires. These women were unscarred, but like the bask themselves, each wore a nose ring. That of the animals is heavy and of gold, that of the women also of gold but tiny and fine, not unlike the wedding rings of my old world."
"I supposed that Kamchak would have one of the tiny nose rings affixed; all Tuchuk females, slave or free, wear such rings."
                                                                                  Nomads of Gor - John Norman

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