Friday, 9 March 2012

30L$ Saturday - 10th March

30L$ Saturday "Plump & Happy Special" sneaky preview.
None of our models are anorexic, they are all healthy and well fed!
This is only a sample of what you will find for sale tomorrow, just for 30L$. Happy shopping!


  1. Had some trouble finding the fields of thyme and fences at Soul Effects. (Found the products, but they were regular price.) Can someone help?

  2. I shall contact the merchant, probably she had issues. It can happen, RL comes first :/

  3. Hi, They are all there just follow the 30L signs that are on the floor that is a path to all the products. which is behind the store where all the flowers are. If you need help feel free to message me, Carissma Jester

  4. And I am leaving them up an extra day for those that could not find them. Just always follow the tracks on the ground. :) have a great day! - Carissma