Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Black Egg Hunt

T H E   B L A C K   E G G : A Quality Hunt
"For the Phoenix, when its time comes to die, lays two eggs, one Black, one White."
"From the White Egg hatches the Phoenix bird itself."
"But what hatches from the Black Egg, no one knows."
[Neil Gaiman,"Ramadan"]

What's the BLACK   EGG  Hunt?
It's a new concept: a hunt, traditional in its form, with hints and hidden items, where the focus is on quality rather than quantity.
Hunt prizes will be of a quality level normally associated with full-price store items, and sold at 30L each, when found.
In all partecipating stores, Hunters will get a hint, with the hunt prize picture for that store, and the landmark to the next store.
Thus,  they will have to visit each store at least once, as in a traditional hunt, to get the next landmark, but will have control on what prizes they prefer to hunt for.
It's a great chance for fun, and for Creators to promote items that will, after the hunt, be sold normally at full price in their stores.
The B L A CK  E G G Hunt will be running from 01 April to 08 April.

1. Trident
Hint: "Fireflies will light the way to the Black Egg"

2. Trident Jewelry
Hint: "The Sun God guards the Black Egg"

3. Damned
Hint: That Sedisa is a pretty chubby chick

4. Curvalicious
Hint: Plump it up? oh hell yeah!!

5. Whatz
Hint: I am NOT putting my hands there.

6. EK Studio Project
Hint: Looks comfy here.

7. Forbidden Delights
Hint: Wof! Wof!

8. Bina
Hint: "If you want this hot get-up, you have to look straight up!"

9. Junbug
Hint: If you were a cheeky rabbit where would you hide?

10. The Forge
Hint: The granite Knight guards your prize.

11. Luas 
Hint: Look for a slave who usually serves paga. She wears a chest box on her arm to collect the money.

12. Lilith's den
Hint: Reciepe:
1 spoon  Aloe
2 cups Salt
crushed Eggshells of 1 black egg
1 liter Urine

13. Soul Effects
Hint: Tick Tock - Tick Tock, - There are Three of me and near one of me you will find your prize!

14. Favourite Genes
It seems Sam has been playing with the birds again... or at least the eggs!

15. BearCub
Hint:I cracked open near the branding station :o (for men)
Hint:I blossomed after long hours of study.  (for women)

16. Roawenwood 
Hint:  I don't believe in hints, the item is on the island you land on so you should be able to find it without too many issues ;)

17. Sweet Poison
Hint:They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but sometimes you just gotta break down and make a visit.

18. The Strawberry Box
Hint: use the main hint giver near the hunt boards

19. Cynful Design
Hint:  Lazy days on the back porch give a great view of the rolling hills.
20. Voltai
Hint: Look for the black egg, near the keg.

21. Raven's Heart
Hint: Did the Black bunny lay the black egg?

22. Fabled
Hint:  I am not far from this very door, go to the kitchen and look on the floor. When you get warm and when you smell cake, you will find me soon, make no mistake!

23. Zibber's designs
Hint: Keep your grappling paws off me!

24. Glamorous Sin
Hint: 4 for for for browns and one for blacks..they are hidden somewhere upstairs.

25. Amulet
Hint: maybe ya fell out of a nest?

26. United Inshcon
Hint: search the Pot Bellied Pig in the Mud

27. Seawinds
Hint: "oh what an egghead I am..." she said and did hold her true face in both hands.

28. Libby's place
Hint: It's what everyone believes is the cure all for what ailes Grandmother made it the best...

29. Riverdog and Sciarri's Trading Company
Hint: To the North of Katmandu You'll find me on Level 2,
Seek out the silent woman then turn your back on her,
Take 3 steps and check your laces,
Then open your eyes to claim your prize !

30. Kamala Animations
Hint: Find the middle,
have a fiddle,
take a ride,
to where I hide,
then go to bed,
oh sleepy head!

31. Tharyn Design
Hint: All around me I see a pond, a rabbit, and swans. It's beautiful here ... here you can relax.

32. Torvis Gorean Weapons
Hint: Look at the dock...

33. Timeless Textures
Hint: Every palace should be a wonderful blend of solid foundations of WOOD and STONE and gleaming, SHINY, ostentatious display. You will find the Black Egg hidden somewhere in between.
34. GTS Design
Hint:  it seems there has been an earthquake!

35. Taylor Made
Hint: An AMAZING time was had by all as they wandered the grounds of the store.

36. On a Lark
Hint: Some pillows are simply made to swing.

37. Mystic Fantasies
Hint: This little one fell off the stairs

38. Reliquia
Hint:  A Glass of Wine, A Piece of Fruit and.. an Egg??

39. Dysfunctional design
Hint: Overcooked to the point of blackness, oh no

40. Ravens0ng
Hint:            .......and Down Swoops the Raven
                     .......Picks up the Black Egg shell into his beak
                             and climbs the Tree of Roses.....
                               ...Watching you......

41. Moonlight Shadow
Hint: Under his kilt

42.  Vidsaga's
Hint: the water feels warm under my feet I slosh through the yellow glow I look for the rock of spirits and below the stars it sits.

Just a sneaky preview of the awesome hunt items you can find!


  1. So we have to pay them and up their traffic by searching for it? No thanks! Who comes up with these events??

    1. What?? Pay for new releases, you have to be joking! WHAT AN OUTRAGEOUS CONCEPT. 30L = a few cents. And you complain? Who comes up with people like you is more to the point.

    2. 30L$ is about 10 or so cents, but with a transaction fee it is still under 50 cents... most of us would rather give that change away RL than bother with it, and here you can get something worth hours of anothers time.

    3. you realise what an ungrateful, bratty little idiot you come over as?. Seriously???? you are bleating over 30L for a brand new item? are one of these who thinks the world owes them a favour and only dresses in freebies....I can see this now sorry, forgive me. Do feel free to post your entire name here so I can ban your pathetic, cheap ass av from my stores, I would really be highly offended if I ever saw you in anything of mine. Suggestion? do not make yourself look like a c**t in front of an entire blog or you may find yourself out of luck next time you want to sponge a freebie because people like you make the Creators of the things you wear not want to give anything away for free or even nearly free....add on (I take it you don't mind giving these sims when stuff is free??? ohh really?? no, didn't think you would)

      Yes i am reposting here cos i was so angry i got it wrong the first time!! lol

    4. Shari can wait until the new releases are sold to their normal worth. Hint: mine wont be on marketplace, because I have to pay rent on my store parcel. Hint 2: texture upload costs too. Feel free to make the items on your own and pay WAY more than 30L with upload costs alone. This is when you make all the sculpt maps, meshes, sounds and textures yourself. More of course when you buy them from others. But ewwwwwwwwwwww that means you need to spend time, work, skill and thought on things. Better stick to random hollow ranting. Thats more fun. Cheers

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Let me explain it for you guys that would rather name call then think intelligently. What you guys are missing is that an event like this is like paying the sim to be a camper. A hunt is generally a trade off, traffic for a free item. However with this one, there is no "trade." The searcher has to spend X amount of time on a sim "searching" for the egg, giving the sim traffic and boosting their sales and position in searches. Then on top of it, you aren't getting a "thank you for helping me" gift, instead you are paying the creator for the item as well. Get it? Call it "bratty" but if I prefer not to waste my time hunting for items I have to pay for.

    7. Really, so popular... I'd love to respond to each of you but most of you are just out to fight and not worth my time to type it out. However, I would like to say to Runa Hint: I could give 2 shits if your item isn't available after, I really *really* doubt I'm missing out on something ultra special. Hint 2: Yes you pay more than 30L to upload generally, however, are you trying to tell me you only sell one item? What you pay in fees you make up in the sale of only a couple items max. If you are losing money in upload fees then you need to look into SL again and try doing the temp upload to check your textures first, or make items that you can sell more than 1 of to cover your upload fees.

    8. Blah blah...blah blah? Really, i have never read such a load of bollocks in my life. If you wish to appear clever, then please, please, please, write it downfirst THEN type and hit post. Ok? good thank you and yes, you are still a freeloading idiot lol oh and errr..over 500 people would disagree with you as thats how many items i have sold in this hunt

    9. How does it make you clever to write it down and then type and hit post? Is this what you did to appear clever? Because it didn't work!

  2. They are new releases not yet for sale :) After Easter they will be sold for the regular price.

  3. you realise what an ungrateful, bratty little idiot you come over as?. Seriously???? you are bleating over 30L for a brand new item? are one of these who thinks the world owes them a favour and only dresses in freebies....I can see this now sorry, forgive me. Do feel free to post your entire name here so I can ban your pathetic, cheap ass av from my stores, I would really be highly offended if I ever saw you in anything of mine. Suggestion? do not make yourself look like a c**t in front of an entire blog or you may find yourself out of luck next time you want to sponge a freebie because people like you make the Creators of the things you wear not want to give anything away for free or even nearly free

    1. Thank you for your offer to ban me. That actually makes me really happy after reading such an angry, 6th grade name calling response. My friends and I will be happy to never spend money in your store and support the RL of someone who is such an angry person. I feel sorry for your family.

      Please save me the trouble and lindens and ban Aria Kelley. I would ask for the name of your store so that I may alert my friends as well but then you would post it and that would be free advertising for you, even bad advertising is still advertising. So, to keep your store name off the blogs and sending people to your store out of curiosity. Just go ahead and ban me, if I ever happen upon your store and can't get in, well I will know the name and *then* will be able to let others know!

      Thank you for being so considerate and saving me much time and lindens!!

    2. GFS and Runa - Clearly you take offense by the idea of someone disagreeing with the concept of paying for freebies, because you are insecure about the products that you produce. It's quite likely, that anyone gazing upon something you've created would be equally offended. A freebie is a freebie, because it's free. I know it's difficult to grasp for some people, perhaps even most people, but I can't speak for the lack of intelligence of the general population which you are obviously part of. When you are trying to lure people to your store, through events and such, generally speaking the reason behind it is advertising. You offer up items etc, so that people will come to your store and see what else is there, and hopefully they will purchase something else worth while. It's unfortunate if in your experience this hasn't been the case, but if it hasn't been the case, perhaps you should review the quality of your product. I have had a successful business in SL for many years - I have offered people money for camping, paid people to be models, anything to get advertising out there. I have NEVER charged someone to come to my store. If you want to charge something, create a 'membership' where you get monthly credit towards an outfit, etc... But if you are running an event which is pretty much for advertising purposes, charging people to show up for the event is just a way to scam people out of coin, for what, 1 outfit - that they don't even get to chose? As for upload fees ... Assuming you have even somewhat of a clue, the most you are going to be paying per outfit is 60-100L ... and that's pushing it. Upload fees as an excuse to charge for events like this is rediculous, it's just a proof of your greed and ignorance, as is the majority of your post. The only one looking like a 'C**T' in front of the entire blog is you. You have no idea the cost that has gone into Shari's av, or anyones av, so really, you're talking out your ass, which, judging by your post, it likely pretty common place. Get your facts straight, and don't take your insecurities out on others. If your product sucks, make it better. Make it worth paying for, instead of being offended that people want it for free, because that's all it's worth. People pay for something worth paying for.

    3. Just ...facepalms and laughs in amusement as are the rest ofus in the groups who just read this. OK! whatever you say oh knowledgeable one and yes what is 'rediculous' is you going with the lame old comment of insulting creators work.

      Walks off hooting with laughter..scamming LMAO!! oh thank you, thank...YOU!! for cheering my day up

  4. I'm not nearly so.. angry about it I suppose... but it sounds really self entitled to expect something brand new and great for free... it is not as if we are forcing you to purchase ones you do not like; you can skip any of them at any time... So for the opportunity to get something you like with a little effort, what is there to lose? So many sit around in dead sims, bored. Have a little fun, a little adventure, maybe learn and find new things.

    This is a great deal of why I think 25L$ Tues/30L$ Saturday have ruined the market... so many people expect something for nothing... when something can cost a creator like myself who works from scratch so many hours...

    1. 25L Tues/30L Saturday exist because people have products they aren't getting any return on. So they offer them up at a reduced cost on specific days just to get some sort of return on their time investments, in hopes that as people explore their store they will see something else they will like that they will pay full pop for.

      It likely has kept a lot of people in business that would have otherwise gone out of business, by giving them a way to advertise their store easily, and draw people to it. It's an easy way to get revenue on something that isn't getting any revenue.

      People generally aren't going to spend any more than 400 lindens a week - whether they spend it on one item, or they spend it on multiple items, depends on how badly they want that item. If you can get someone to spend 30 lindens 3 times in your store, it's still 90 lindens, that they likely wouldn't have spent there anyway. And now you've lured them into hopefully paying more for something else. In addition, they walk around with your outfit on, that if someone else likes and asks about, you get free advertising.

      The only one that 25L Tues and 30L Sat is having a negative affect on, is those unwilling to participate, because they don't have the business sense to do so.

  5. Would just like to cast my vote in support of the designers and creators here... and point out that hunting isn't actually compulsory (wow!!). If you don't want to participate in a hunt for whatever reason (don't like the prizes, don't want to pay, don't want to spend your time hunting) then MOVE ON!!

    1. You are absolutely correct. A hunt is not compulsory. And expression of opinion is also a freedom we've been granted. It's unfortunate that people get so 'offended' by ones opinion that they are willing to attack them over it. Or, in the case of a business, stupidly offer to ban them over it. But I think the general point of the statement made was "why pay to spend my time hunting, when there are so many others out there that pay me to spend my time hunting." If you are going to ask for 30L for the item, you might as well just put the item up for sale for 30L - one day only, and save the trouble of the hunt. Just put it around a bunch of other items you are hoping to sell.

  6. Laughs. I see nothing in Shari's post that says she argues spending 30L on an item. Quit reading things into the post and read the actual post.

  7. Like's this Idea of the 30L hunt but I want to see better pictures of the items and which store has the item. don't like to spend on things I wont use Smiles

    1. Of course you can find better pics at each store :) As we said this pic is only "a sneaky preview of the awesome hunt items you can find". At each store you can find a hint notecard with the picture of the offered item and the landmark to the next shop in case you wish to skip the current location. The hunt is almost over and we are just incredibly happy for the response from our customers. Many feedbacks say they are having fun and they are satisfied with the new releases they had the chance to buy at such a small price.

  8. On behalf of the 30L Hunts Team I wish to thank all the merchants for making beautiful things and all the customers for making our first Quality Hunt a great success. Thousands hunts items have been sold, meaning people had fun and appreciated our event.
    Just a big THANK YOU! See you in June for the second Quality Hunt!