Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Chain Silk with Appliers

-o-o- Chained Heat -o-o-

-o-o- Chained Heat -o-o- Chain Silk with Appliers. Fits Classic and Mesh Avs.
Exquisite detail was demanded and delivered!

- Real life sound with the fine chains "jingling" as you walk (can be turned off)
- Sparkling jewel with the gems luster and shine changing in the SL light!
- Prims are resizable via a new easy to use resize script.

6 designs are available on the marketplace and in-world.
The FULL chain silk includes 8 pieces-
* Omega and Maitreya appliers
* 2 Skirts- 1 with delicate chain sound filling the air as you walk
* 2 Finely linked chain armbands
* 1 Chained Heat sculpty gem with flickering real life radiance
* 1 Top with radiant gem
* 2 panties optional to wear

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