Sunday, 11 November 2012

35L Sunday & News at Alehandrita Design

New - Winter House Sky Box

Winter Nature with rustic house, mountains, lots of snow, winter trees and a great ice skating rink with free skates for everybody!
The house comes also with a scripted cooking fireplace with boiling animated food, fire particle, real sound at touch and smoke generator.
Near the ice rink there are two trunks that at touch give free animated skates to anybody. A cute snowman decoration generates snow at touch.
This sky box is Rez Faux packed, will be easy to move all the items and store them when you are happy with their position. Also the snow is copy/mod, you may transform their shape or remove it.
Enjoy Winter!

New - Rustic Medieval Kitchen

Rustic Cooking Table with seven great cooking animations: rolling dough, stirring cream, egg beating, peel veggies, chopping veggies, cleaning fish, meat beating.
Each animations comes with specific props and wearable set of cutlery and vegetables (spoon, knife, rolling pin, pots, potato...) that your and your guests may wear when you use the kitchen.

35L Sunday - Our Secret Place 

Romantic place with old ruins. Tender couple animations. Best place to declare your love. To animate just click on the ruins and choose "sit here". You will be animated in the first position and you will get the menu.
If you will miss this offer you may always get this item at his normal price from my SL Market Shop.

I wish you a great weekend and Happy Shopping!

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